Our wide range of machines...

... consists of more than 33 cam- and CNC-controlled machines, which are composed as follows:

Manufacturing area multi-spindle automatics:

  • 11 machines up to max. Ø 32 mm (bar capacity).
  • 2 machines up to max. Ø 30 mm (Chuck- / insert parts).

Manufacturing area CNC-single-spindle machines:

  • 10 machines up to max. Ø 71 mm (bar capacity / partly with automatic bar feeders, 2 turrets, live tools, Y-axis and counter spindle), or up to max. Ø 200 mm for chuck- / insert parts).

Manufacturing area CNC-Swiss-type lathes:

  • 1 machine up to max. Ø 12 mm (bar capacity / automatic bar feeder).

Manufacturing area single-spindle automatic turning machines (cam-controlled):

  • 1 machine up to max. Ø 25 mm.

Manufacturing area coil automatic lathes:

  • 7 machines up to max. Ø 6,35 mm (cam-controlled).
  • 1 machine up to max. Ø 6,5 mm (CNC-controlled).

Manufacturing area manual rework:

  • various hand-operated machines for subsequent drilling-, milling-, turning-, countersinking- and deburring work.

Service area 100%-inspection:

  • 1 opto - electronic machine for 100-%-control..

Measuring equipment / measuring machines:

  • fully automatic digital measuring projectors (Keyence).
  • Video measuring microscope.
  • Contourograph / contour measuring device.
  • Roughness measuring device.
  • Measuring devices for measuring form and position tolerances.