Production of customer-specific turned parts according to your drawing specifications or samples.

  • in the dimension range from Ø 1,0 to Ø 71,0 mm (bar-/ring production).
  • chuck-/Insert parts up to Ø 250 mm.
  • made of all common machinable materials such as automatic, insert, tempered and stainless steels, aluminium, brass, copper, plastic.
  • processing of bar-, ring- and profile material.
  • on request with direct heat treatment and / or surface refinement by our perspective brands partners from the electroplating industry.
  • quantities from 100 pieces up to several million pieces per type. 

Machining of cold-forged parts

  • provided cold forged parts are further processed according to your specifications.
  • the most common operations include making fits, drilling, thread production, processing the inner- / outer contour, etc.
  • depending on the requirements and prerequisites, processing is carried out manually, partially- or full automatically.

Most of the feeding and automation technology is designed and implemented in-house by our automation technicians.

Advantages for you:

  • cost savings in the area of proportional supply costs.
  • quick implementation.
  • independent of ext. service providers in the automation industry.
  • direct coordination between you and us.
  • flexibility in the event of adjustments due to a change in the drawing, etc.